Monday, June 6, 2016

Latest Series

I am a serious serial painter :)

I love the organizing/categorizing/grouping/brainstorming

SO interesting to me is the possibility of meaning when dissimilar but similar objects are brought together. 
Peace, love, and we-all-can-work-together sort of thing :)


sandwiches, appetizers, now the latest


It all began at lunch with a girlfriend.

"Extra Dirty"

 We ordered Bloody Mary's which came without ANY garnish at all!

As politely as I could, for I did not want to hurt the bartender's feelings, I asked for garnish.
(I mean who has ever heard of a bloody mary with out ANY garnish!)

So then our waiter brought ONE wedge of lime!
So then I was like ;-)

"Extra Fancy"

I want more garnish!!!

Pleading my case I proclaimed, 
I know it doesn't really change the taste of the beverage
but it makes it more FUN for heaven's sake!

It makes it SPECIAL!!
(I am prone to exaggeration)

"Extra Island"

It makes it more BEAUTIFUL!!
(frequently guilty of using excessive amounts of adjectives)

I mean, don't you out there in the internet, find that sometimes it's the little things, 
maybe things thought of as not necessary 
or extra,
 done purely for fun or beauty that make things special?

"Extra Zest"

make things special! 

Especially in my visually important, 
delightfully colorful, 
spectrally spectacular world!!

"Extra Manhattan"

Needless to say we received a plateful of garnishes! :D 
true story

All will be in an exhibit here in Atlanta at the end of the month, more info to follow.
Available for purchase now on my online site.
Click HERE 
for info
peace love and cheers!!


Jennifer said...

Thank you for those close-ups!

Marilyn Flanegan said...

Hi Karen and thank you for packing my inbox with joy this morning!
Your wit is as sweet and savory as your mouthwatering paintings. While reading your post, I was hoping to see a close-up of the olives. And as if you were reading my mind the next images i saw were not just one but TWO up close and personal shots of those delectable olives. yum.
Enjoy your opening Karen and I hope you invite the bartender!
: )

Bubblin Bessie said...

Love this series and the closeups, as always, are on fleek.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Jennifer for checking them out!!!

ha ha ha Marilyn!!! Thank you!! I SHOULD invite that bartender!!! ha ha!!! I so appreciate you reading Marilyn!!!

Bubblin Bessie! Thank you for following and for taking the time to comment!! I appreciate it!!

Guenevere Schwien said...

These are so excellent. It amazes me how much paint you slather on and yet the forms are just right!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a spectacularly special garnish yourself��I enjoyed your adjectives and hope they inspire me to find pleasure in the simple but exquisite things

Elinathomas said...

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