Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Milky Way


This chocolaty nuggety ribbon could easily be about a candy bar. It’s close to Valentine’s Day and it looks yummy
that's not the entire story :)

I recently read an article HERE about Milky Ways, the outer space kind ;-) and how they are actually shaped like RIBBONS (!!!!) that wind tightly around (!!!!) :D

The article says that on a really dark night, that ribbon so brightly shines with stars it makes it possible to see what is normally hidden from view…the dark center of the Milky Way! 
So, of course, I HAD to paint that!!

Like the night sky, I have a BIG obsession with staring into the darkest dark of what I'm painting, and putting that dark in first.

I find that the dark helps me see a tremendous variety of color I would not see otherwise.

When I'm painting, I know I will eventually find my way out of the dark.  However, the concept of our universe is like a vapor in my mind I can't quiet make out. A puzzle I'm suppose to figure out. 

I feel if I could only focus my mind in just the right way I might discover understanding of creation itself! 
Or see that there is an analogy I should be grasping about my own darkness showing me the light.

These larger than life mysteries I am convinced I can almost see when I'm painting.
When I slow my eyes down… quiet the spinning stars in my head...and really look into the dark.

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