Monday, July 12, 2010

Kitchen renovation anyone?

Yes, sadly it is true, pink tile and all, this was the kitchen window when we started our renovation .... 9 months ago! I did not know then, how determined and focused I would have to be just to get the sink under the window. But I persisted, and with bulldog determination and a plumbing job of re-routing pipes and venting like no other in the history of kitchen renovations, I finally have my sink under the window.
Why, you may ask, am I dragging my personal life into this? Time painting, and therefore posting, hasn't been very consistent this year, and I hate to point fingers but .... all the blame goes to my kitchen sink! :)

Well ... it could also have something to do with the coyote that almost ate my cat and his extended stay in the emergency vet. Or it could have been my poor mother in Alabama who had an undiagnosed broken femur for two months and my visits there to see specialists. Or there was that crazy light pole that fell and crushed our car AS we were driving down the highway.

But I'm going to blame it all on the sink! Because 9 months without a kitchen sink certainly has the potential to make one a bit crazy, or at least derail creative output. And even though I don't actually have counters, faucet, or water yet, I'm confident enough in the progress to feel I might be getting back to normal soon.

Soooo.. with all this positive energy flowing I decided it is time to share new paintings that I'm SUPER excited about!

The small one first, a 10x10. This is the sketch and early color block-in phase. As you can see, I'm pushing some boundaries and really, really, really feeling great about it!

Of course I'm also just overwhelmingly grateful to have this beautiful kitchen, my mom, cat, and our escape from near disaster car crash to complain about, and I hope you and yours are safe and enjoying your kitchen sink wherever you are! :)