Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exciting News

Two exciting pieces of news I would like to share with everyone. First, I was interviewed by a new website called Neoteric Art. The site was started by a friend of mine and I am very flattered that he asked me to participate. He asked some tough questions and they were fun to answer. Just follow the link over to check it out.

Second, the dandelions are here! Serendipitous moments happen to me all the time! I have long awaited these beauties and I can't believe they decided to pop up today. Weed to most, but to me it is the first glorious color after the long winter. Right now they are just dots here and there along the lake front, but soon it will be a sea of gold!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dark Comedy

First I'd like to thank everyone who has been so helpful with suggestions/comments and emails concerning my hard drive. I have very much missed keeping up with all the blogs I visit daily. I hope to get totally caught up with everyone and everything soon. Thank you all so much!

While struggling with this painting and with my lingering winter, I happened to be reading a book about the history of color in art, and one chapter dealt with black. The most interesting line suddenly leapt off the page. It was that Matisse made the observation that Manet and Renoir turned “black into a light.” Suddenly it all made sense to me, not in the way Matisse had intended, but it was just the thing I needed to hear. I immediately saw light everywhere, in my bow and in my winter. I was able to finish up this painting with the thought that I already knew, but just needed to be reminded of. That thought is not just that there will always be light in the dark, but that by trying to understand my dark I can turn it into a light. And sure enough, as I’ve finally finished up this painting, the first signs of spring have come.