Sunday, August 29, 2010

Orange Twist

Well I'm all packed and ready and soooooo excited I'm about to bust! I'm leaving today for a two week residency. You would think by the enormous amount of supplies I'm taking, that I'm staying for months - and this is not even the half of it, I ordered even more bows that are being shipped directly there. Sort of embarrassing, but who knows what color will inspire me once I get there.

My proposal for the residency is to work on a video/installation/drawing and painting project. Which sounds like a lot to tackle in only two weeks, at least for me. But I feel like I have a pretty good plan and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm thinking that during the day, I'll work on the video and installation portion, and at night back in the studio work on drawings and paintings similar to Orange Twist.

With the drawings I plan on experimenting with more inks and washes, this drawing is a combo of graphite, charcoal, India ink, and gesso on paper.

The painting is a combo of graphite, India ink, and oil on vellum. I am very excited about playing around with vellum and yupo as a surface for paintings. I adore the semi-transparent quality of these papers, and how once hung, the shadows and wall itself can play a part in the painting.

Hopefully I'll have lots of interesting things to post about when I get back. Of course the best laid artistic plans sometimes get side tracked, so who knows how off course all these plans will get once I am there. But this is the plan, and for now, I'm sticking to it :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look At Me

Today, tomorrow, and for a long time to come, I celebrate finishing this painting and finally having water connected in my kitchen sink! Seeing this painting finished now, I might be persuaded to think that my longing for water (and my 10 months without) had something to do with the choice of color for this painting. Could it be mere coincidence that the polka dot bow was used in an earlier painting "Swim" and the dark blue sparkle bow was "Sprite," (which we all know are water fairies) and the two large bows actually feel like water formed into a bow to me.

The truth is, I'm most excited because in some strange way I feel this painting moves a step closer in helping me figure out my obsession with presents/bows/ribbons. I'm not there yet, so I'll just have to keep working on it :)

This painting has already been spoken for but, I am currently working on several smaller present/bow ideas I can't wait to post next..... but for now, I'm on my way to the kitchen to splash some water on my face and rejoice!! Hope you have a wonderful day!