Thursday, February 19, 2009


I keep apologizing for my long absences. Honestly, I've been allowing myself the indulgence of focusing on my paintings - playing around with what direction I want to explore next. I have had two new purse paintings finished, but wasn't certain I was ready to post. Mainly because I wanted to see if these purses were going to make up a new body of work.

One of the reasons I'm interested in purses, is similar to my attraction to my presents. Both are elaborate, decorative surfaces that disguise/hide interior content. The main difference for me is that we have a pretty good guess as to what might be inside a purse. Purses are so personal too. They reveal our personality, whether we like it or not. Funny thing is, I myself rarely carry an actual purse. Maybe I'm just not ready to commit to a personality yet, or maybe I haven't found a purse that can adequately hold my personality. I think I'm going with that last one.

Anyway, I'm actually pretty certain that purses are not going to be a totally new direction, (I am actually working on two bow themed paintings right now) but I do think they will continue to make guest appearances. They give me the opportunity to ponder an intriguing question..... what shiny fun self do we show the world, and is it the same self as our inner private one?

Thanks as always for tolerating my musings.