Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting settled in to a new Studio

Guess what? I moved again. Four moves in four years. I'm a needy organized nester, and moving seems to keep me out of sorts longer than would seem necessary. At least this will be my excuse for the long periods of absence on my blog, and lack of finished paintings for 2009. I do want to apologize too, for the delayed responses to comments and emails I've received over the last two months, I have let myself get so far behind being distracted with the move and getting my studio set up. The good news is, this time my husband and I bought a house, so HOPEFULLY we are staying put for a while! Yea!

I've been busy painting the walls/ceiling/trim all white, so it seems only fitting that my first painting in my new space would be inspired by all white as well. Of course, all the snow might be responsible for the white set up too, but I think the real source of inspiration started back in June by a comment by Alia El-Bermani on my post for Fireworks. She stated that "cloud nine" would have been a good title for that painting or a new one, because of my own joyful reaction to my recent paintings. Of course, my crazy brain immediately jumps to... cloud nine...yessss...nine big canvas of all white!

Well, that might be a bit ambitious. I have a very bad habit of starting a huge painting (that I never seem to complete) every move and new studio. But, seeing that I have so much white for inspiration around me, with clouds, snow, and a bright new studio, I just might get this done! I'm hopeful.

The canvas is 20 x 20, and this is the charcoal sketch so far.