Wednesday, December 19, 2007



I was drawn to the cool silver color of this satin bow because of the snow and ice in my world right now and probably here until June! The ice and snow is amazingly beautiful and I wonder if I will ever get tired of seeing it. This is only my second winter here in Chicago and being a newbe every falling snowflake, glazing of ice and even the slush is wonderfully gorgeous! It is definitely worth getting a little cold to be lucky enough to see these beautiful sights.

The thick silver paint dripping over the edges of the warmer cream tissue, what else could it be but the draping of icicles after a great winter storm? So, If you are lucky enough to have a winter, bundle up and go take in the show!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well I could write pages on this painting and the experience, but I will try and keep it short. Suffice it to say, I feel like I have finally painted the painting I've been trying to paint for years, and I think it is all due to my little experiment with the abstract paintings. I strongly encourage everyone, not just painters, to try something out of your comfort zone, see what insight it may bring to you. I think our subconscious leads us toward things we need to experience, who cares if we look crazy! Who cares if we don't do it well! Just try it, whatever it is, as long as it is legal!!

This painting is titled Ginkgo. I hope you are lucky enough to have a Ginkgo tree nearby, they are the last trees to change into their Fall outfits. Here in Chicago Fall is breathtaking, full of oranges, reds, rusts, and ochres. Then, as if for the final curtain call before Winter the Ginkgos, whose branches extend way past their trunks in crazy right angles, explode into gold. This year it was too brief a show, just like a shooting star! But never fear, this winter storm today has lead me straight to a fabulous silver satin ribbon.