Friday, July 18, 2008



I am fortunate enough to paint full time, and even though my blog doesn’t show any evidence to back up this claim as of late, I do paint every day… I’m sort of a workaholic. So what have I been painting during this past month since my last post???

Well that is a long story, and it will need to be spread out into several posts. But before I back track, I wanted to post this latest painting. In a way, this painting represents for me where I’ve been and why I’m back. Let’s just say, I’ve been out exploring new ideas and subject matter, testing new water so to speak. One part of me wants to explain why now, why I would think about a departure from painting presents, the other part of me thinks it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I continue to pursue whatever it is that will make me a better person and a better painter. Bottom line, I’ve enjoyed my time out into these uncharted waters and I’ve made some great of which is that I needed to swim back to shore, my shore.