Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girl Power

"Girl Power" 18x36 oil on canvas

Who would think that adopting a 5 month old great dane puppy would make it so difficult to stay in the studio and work?! :)  

No fear at ALL of him bumping into my precariously stacked bow set up!!
But at last "Girl Power" is finished, whew!

 My initial idea for this painting was based on the idea of how to SAY girl power, and it started like this.

A comic wrapped present with Lucy at bat.  But seeing it sketched on the canvas, it didn't SAY girl power to me.  Yes, the comic did, but the overall bow ensemble and painting didn't. 

So I gravitated to an over-the-top girl color scheme and arrangement of bows in a strong tower.

When I began this painting I was feeling particularly strong and girl powerful, but during the four months this painting lingering on, I suppose some of my powerfulness evaporated.  Suddenly lots of negative space between the bows started happening. 

 As if this strong, securely built girl power facade could come toppling down any minute.

  Strong and secure one minute, then potentially fragile the next. 
Maybe that's not all bad.

A special thanks to all who have participated in the Present And Accounted For project!  It has been so thrilling to see these presents passed along and the idea behind the project spread!!  Thank you!