Monday, August 24, 2009

Sharing some good news

I am so grateful and excited today, and I thought I would pass along the news. I have been featured on a wonderful blog I just discovered called, A Gift Wrapped Life.

As anyone might guess, Sande Chase, author of this inspiring blog, and I share an obsession with presents. Sande Chase's blog is a companion for her website which specializes in gorgeous gifts wrapped so beautifully I could cry! Her blog is a wonderful new source of inspiration and I am very honored to be featured there. Thanks so much to Sande, for her generosity and for her incredibly kind words. Also many thanks to Lara Harris, a fellow artist and blogger who saw the similar passions, and was kind enough to make the connection.

One more bit of good news, two of my paintings, "Fireworks" and "Melt" have been selected for the 66th Annual South Shore Salon Show in Indiana. I am very excited about this opportunity, it is a great honor for me to participate and I am thrilled these two paintings where chosen.