Thursday, November 11, 2010

Present and Accounted for

I had an idea of presents being shared and passed around from person to person, until eventually presents are circling the globe - being documented along the way so that each participant could keep track of just how far their tiny present goes.  Not the most original idea, I know, but one I thought was particularly fitting for me to do.

My recent residency gave me the opportunity to test out this idea, and at first I thought it had been a colossal failure.  People kind enough to come to my reception, were also kind enough to take a present with them as instructed, but weeks and weeks later no photos of presents appeared in my inbox.  But then ...  pictures started coming in!!  Wonderful photos showing where these presents are going and what they are seeing!  I am so excited I can barely stand it!

SO.... I've started an auxiliary blog that I hope will continue to grow with new photos!  The blog is called Present And Accounted For, I hope you will follow along!  The first post is on the new blog now and tells the inspiration behind this idea.  The next post will show how the project developed and the photos of the presents and the participants will be posted as they come in!

Also, I have a couple of extra presents if anyone is interested in participating please email me and I will mail you one.  Do note, it is a symbolic present, there isn't anything inside, but you can read more about this on Present And Accounted For.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reach Out

Well how can I possibly explain this one! :) Nothing but presents (with the occasional purse or two) for three years of this blog and suddenly Barbie in all her glory.

My very early paintings were large still life ensembles like this painting below, and Barbie made several appearances. I know this does not explain, why Barbie, why now, but here she is... she insisted..... I'm just as shocked as you may be :)