Wednesday, June 6, 2012


new 4"x4" present titled "Moss"

I have a shady backyard and lots and lots of moss, which I just adore.  I imagine it's the perfect blanket for the elves and fairies to have their picnic.  :)

This green velvet ribbon seemed perfect for the inspiration, and the white tissue, with it's pale pinks and blues, I imagine to be either puffy summer clouds or maybe ice cream the elves and fairies are known to enjoy! 

framed in her black floater frame I almost tempted the spritely woodland folk inside for lemonade.

Okay, I admit it, my husband and I just drove 14 hours with Henry (our great dane) to Alabama to visit our moms, and maybe my brain got a tad bit overheated! 

The truth is, even though my mom claims she isn't creative and doesn't understand where my artistic side comes from, she always talked of fairies and elves and angels and all the unseen wonders.  

These are the stirrings of the imagination that carefully shape the artistic spirit.
Thank you mom!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Continuing On and On ...

left to right, Neha Vedpathak, me, Kate Lewis, and Joanne Aono

The four of us met five years ago at The Contemporary Art Workshop, an amazing artist studio building which housed 22 individual studios.  Several years ago the building sold and everyone had to scramble to find new spaces - everyone ending up in different places.  

Missing the camaraderie and inspiration we gained from being around each other daily, the four of us started meeting at least once a month for art talk and friendship.  It has been extremely important and helpful for me to have fellow artists to run ideas by, receive feedback, and share in this awesome but difficult journey.

"Continuing On and On" is the second show (the first in 2010) of our coming together to celebrate our friendship and common goal of helping each other become the best we can be. 

Because our space was limited, I decided to try for maximum impact with fewer, larger pieces.

left to right: "Fifth" 48x48 oil on canvas, "Naphthol Red" 37x12x12 acrylic paint, "Fourth" 48x48 oil on canvas

And yes, I wore the original red dress that inspired my dress sculpture piece made of acrylic paint and painting medium. 

Titled "Naphthol Red" because that is the color used in making the dress.

and a side view to show inner support

The dress is hung from wire cables and a plaster shoulder and bust form I made to give the dress the shape of a figure underneath.

without a camera and only my iphone's camera, I have few pictures to share....

And now we look forward to "Continuing On and On and On ... " 2013!