Sunday, July 31, 2011

July - painting

It took two tries to get this painting the way I thought July should feel.  
My first attempt was a sad striped bow.
 Terribly dreary little thing that I carefully painted, and re-painted, and re-painted all the stripes until the painting itself just flopped off the deep-end.   

So a new canvas, a deep breath, and a fresh start turned up this deliciously bold turquoise bow :) I wish the photo were better, the background has touches of pale yellow and the variety of blues, grays, and purples is much greater than in the photo.  Sigh.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"July" - linoleum print

I am soooooo happy with this latest print, the third of my monthly series!

When I first decided to start this series, I didn't think about how difficult it was going to be to come up with 12 unique compositions all in the same size (5x7) using the same subject (a present.)  Now I realize what a design challenge this will be. 

I want each print similar in format because I plan on grouping all together when the year long project is complete.  Seeing the first three hung helps me think about the overall dark and light patterns I'll want for the entire series... 

Hopefully making each one a strong visual statement on its own, but somehow being different from it's neighbor.  I certainly have my work cut out for me these upcoming months, but I am really excited how this project is pushing me to think about bold design!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Number two of my volunteer/victims.

Kate is one of my good friends here in Chicago, who happens to be a fabulous artist - plus has this awesome winter hat I have coveted for two winters now.  You can check out her blog and work HERE.

This portrait was much harder than my husband's.  Probably because I know all the planes of his face so well.  This is where I fall short working from photos and get frustrated.  I need more information!!

I might keep working on Kate's portrait, but I'm pausing here for now.... July is closing fast and a GORGEOUS blue striped silk ribbon is calling my name.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011


In between my monthly series of 5x7 presents I've been busy convincing family and friends to allow me to take their photograph, so I could paint their portrait.  

My first volunteer/victim is this handsome devil who happens to be my husband. 

I use to paint commissioned portraits years ago, and have had an incredible urge to paint people again.
This return has been inspired by Euan Uglow, Alice Neel, a Cezanne portrait I saw in the National Gallery in DC, and Andy Pankhurst (a student of Uglow's whose paintings I saw during Art Chicago.) I have linked all the names to google images of their work ... check it out.