Monday, October 15, 2007


Amazingly this is the first true red bow I have ever painted. This true red was inspired by seeing the website of Duane Keiser who has fantastic Utube video demonstrations, one of which is a gorgeous candy apple. I just could not wait to dive into red after seeing it!

My heart literally beats faster when I paint red, how about yours?


Georgette said...

Karen, red just might be your color!

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks Georgette, and thank you for introducing me to Duane's work and website! Red here I come!

Unknown said...

Karen, curious as in the set-up photo "Heartache" appears to be more in the orange and green families over red. Didn't know if this was a monitor adjustment or an artistic adjustment. Just curious!

Anonymous said...

I gasped when I logged on to your blog. I guess red does it for me too. Nice how you softened the focus on the curled ribbon comming down the sides.

Georgette, on my computer screen the red looks deep but neutral with touches of warm red highlights.

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Georgette,
I should have explained the photo of the set up, for some reason that particular present photographed very hot. Maybe because that is where the majority of light is concentrated. The bow is in fact a true candy apple red. I generally stay pretty true to the actual set up, however, I love love love to slightly exaggerate colors that are actually there but that one might normally miss. Thanks so much for the question!
Silvina, ohhh I love that you gasped, thanks for sharing that! I was hoping to push the curling ribbons back by softening them, I hope it worked!

Helen Read said...

You did a great job with red! I think it can be a difficult color! I really like this little gift :)

Karen Appleton said...

Wow thanks Helen, I still have your beautiful tomato painting in mind when I think of reds!!