Friday, February 14, 2014

Head Over Heels

In the beginning .... 
I had a waaaaaaaaay 
less ladylike 
companion painting planned for Ken's head. 

my lowbrow side rears (hint) its raffish head from time to time :)

Then ...
 a wonderful collector emailed, asking what was on my easel.

Telling her of my plans for Ken's follow-up painting, 
she quickly pulls me out of the gutter with this idea!
just in time for
Valentine's Day! 

"Head Over Heels"
2- 6"x6" oil on cradled panel

Temporarily out of the gutter anyway :)

(image stolen/repurposed from

Thank you Georgette!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Wishing you this day and everyday to be Head Over Heels!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Drummer

16" x 20"  oil on cradled panel 

in-progress recap shots in order of painting:

finished sketch

And for those not on Facebook:
this week 
"Social Club"
found a home

sometimes I honestly wonder if I've died and gone to heaven ...
Luckiest girl in the whole wide world!

Please visit
I currently have two available paintings

Stay warm!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A needed blast of warm colors...

(close up)

(close up)

oil on canvas
24" x 24"


found a home

Thank you dk!

for an insanely amazing 2013!!
Happy 2014!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Social Club"

a triptych
of small bites
to fit all your party needs!

"Salami Stack"



well maybe not ALL

> note to self:
find stadium cake making kit 


each 8"x8"
oil on panel

available dk Gallery

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


20 x 20


another early red dot before
dk Gallery's December opening

Reception Dec. 6th 6-9pm

Three brand new small paintings are also in the show
Preview HERE

I can't find the right words to say how grateful and lucky I feel

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


12" x 12" oil on canvas

Fall (the season) is just an excuse to amp up my palette

a color frenzy resulting 
usually in a still life

this year a portrait

full of color
loaded with youthful promise

(start to finish pics)

Rock on!!

available dk Gallery

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It all happened so fast ....

One day I'm bloggin along
then suddenly

(scary music)

I'm the face of
The Necessary Evil!!!!!

or secret indulgence
It's a blurry line at this point...

Suffice it to say
ALL new news started showing up on Facebook!

The moment I used my FB mobile App to share that all my paintings had sold in the
I was hooked

Now helpless to the charms of the quick and easy "share" button :) 
I posted 
about my workshop ...

demo area

work stations


color exercises

* painting THICK color next to each other without blending
* using touches of complimentary colors
* transition colors to optically blend without blending
* painting highlight "halos" and a very pale compliment [in] the highlight

We painted kisses for value

caramels to stretch our color perception
 and finally applying these ideas to presents!

Demo: "Lush" 10" x 10" Sold

If only I had stopped there!!
but noooooo ....
my studio visit 


"Fourth" 48" x 48"

"Fifth" 48" x 48"

making the trip to Atlanta to participate in dk's 
November Anniversary Show!!
Opening reception this Friday night
November 1st

Please drop by the gallery to join in celebrating their 5th year! 
Click HERE for more info
And HERE to connect with me on Facebook

just sayin'