Tuesday, August 27, 2013

gray study for up-coming workshop



on going love affair with paint


Things That Inspire said...

I love this little painting! Did you use a limited palette? Can you share the colors you used?

I find such beauty in paintings of the everyday and ordinary - it transforms them into objects of great beauty!


Karen Appleton said...

Hey Holly! Thanks for the question!
I used every blue I own and then some :)
Holbein - Ultra Marine Deep
Holbein - Verditer Blue (can't do without color)
plus Transparent Red Iron Oxide and white and or ivory white are main grays

in close up you can see one dab of Holbein Compose Blue and one dab of Cobalt blue hue

The background is Gamblin brilliant blue + ivory white and some of the gray mixed in in spots.

The darkest shadow is Rembrandt Ultra marine violet + scarlet

The warm color in the darkest side of the kiss is Terra Rosa

Whew ... a lot for a limited palette!