Thursday, August 22, 2013


28" x 22" oil on canvas

the thick
yummy colors of "brown"

lush reds 

dark violets, blues, pinks, and golds

patchwork of golds

That magenta triangle makes my heart pitter patter
Oh my ...



Kimberly Santini said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy, but this painting makes me SO happy!! the color is fab, but it's the shapes that do it - juicy with paint, and abstracted/simplified to the point of abstraction - love this one Karin!!

Limón said...

I've been following for a while, and your work makes me happy. Thanks.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Kim!! I love pushing the boundaries these days to see how flat and abstracted I can make the shapes without totally losing a sense of volume :) Thank you for noticing!

Limon, that is such a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much!! Thank you for following my blog!!

Carol Hopper said...

Just looking at your paintings is a class all in itself. Top that with your step-by-step painting of something so simple, I mean not-so-simple, paper bag. I have subscribed to your updates and will look forward to my email.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Carol! You are right, sometimes the simple things can be the hardest. I'm glad you liked the in-progress photos! Thanks so much for subscribing!

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Cindy Dy said...

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