Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Squash Blossom" and "Squash Blossom 2"

10x10 oil on canvas

I used to toss my Halloween pumpkins in the backyard flower bed to decompose during winter so that by summer huge, gorgeous blossoms would start to appear.

Every morning a new bloom would open and by evening the giant petals would fold in on themselves in delicious curls and folds.

This past Halloween I did not toss my pumpkins out...
afraid of the ultimate backyard matchup between Henry and the raccoons.

Missing my blossoms I decided to paint them.

Instead of yellow, I used a wide silk, blush colored ribbon ...
perfect for creating the shapes of those draping curls and folds.

We'll see how many blooms I have in me ...
here are the first two.

"Squash Blossom 2"
#2 is the tiniest of the possible compositions

4"x4" oil on canvas

I really enjoyed the process of repetition from my last blue series.  The first painting is quieter and softer while each painting that follows seems to get thicker and bolder.
Should be fun!


Karla said...

These are really wonderful! I love the colors.

Christine said...

Karen, I noticed the frame on the 4"x4" is similar to frames I use and I was wondering if you purchased them or if you made them...your anecdotes on your painting process are always inspirational

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you so much Karla!

Hey Christine! Thanks for asking, I buy my frames from a company called Franken Frames. They have many different types of floater style frames with different finished and profile widths. The frame quality is fabulous, (edges matching up beautifully) but it does take a while to receive after I order. That is the only problem, but I think they're worth the wait.
PS. thanks for taking the time to read my crazy thoughts! :)

Kate Lewis said...

I really like the quiet nature of your 10 x 10. The composition is one of my favorites! :)