Wednesday, June 6, 2012


new 4"x4" present titled "Moss"

I have a shady backyard and lots and lots of moss, which I just adore.  I imagine it's the perfect blanket for the elves and fairies to have their picnic.  :)

This green velvet ribbon seemed perfect for the inspiration, and the white tissue, with it's pale pinks and blues, I imagine to be either puffy summer clouds or maybe ice cream the elves and fairies are known to enjoy! 

framed in her black floater frame I almost tempted the spritely woodland folk inside for lemonade.

Okay, I admit it, my husband and I just drove 14 hours with Henry (our great dane) to Alabama to visit our moms, and maybe my brain got a tad bit overheated! 

The truth is, even though my mom claims she isn't creative and doesn't understand where my artistic side comes from, she always talked of fairies and elves and angels and all the unseen wonders.  

These are the stirrings of the imagination that carefully shape the artistic spirit.
Thank you mom!


Jennifer said...

I love moss as well. I bought a green suede purse last year because it looked like it was made out of moss.

My firstborn went through a huge fairy phase... not princessy, pink fairies, but earthy fairies, as they should be. Come to think of it, I'm not sure that phase is over for her. :) I'm glad it's not for you.

Love the painting.

I hope Henry is doing well.

Kate Lewis said...

beautiful greens!