Monday, July 12, 2010

Kitchen renovation anyone?

Yes, sadly it is true, pink tile and all, this was the kitchen window when we started our renovation .... 9 months ago! I did not know then, how determined and focused I would have to be just to get the sink under the window. But I persisted, and with bulldog determination and a plumbing job of re-routing pipes and venting like no other in the history of kitchen renovations, I finally have my sink under the window.
Why, you may ask, am I dragging my personal life into this? Time painting, and therefore posting, hasn't been very consistent this year, and I hate to point fingers but .... all the blame goes to my kitchen sink! :)

Well ... it could also have something to do with the coyote that almost ate my cat and his extended stay in the emergency vet. Or it could have been my poor mother in Alabama who had an undiagnosed broken femur for two months and my visits there to see specialists. Or there was that crazy light pole that fell and crushed our car AS we were driving down the highway.

But I'm going to blame it all on the sink! Because 9 months without a kitchen sink certainly has the potential to make one a bit crazy, or at least derail creative output. And even though I don't actually have counters, faucet, or water yet, I'm confident enough in the progress to feel I might be getting back to normal soon.

Soooo.. with all this positive energy flowing I decided it is time to share new paintings that I'm SUPER excited about!

The small one first, a 10x10. This is the sketch and early color block-in phase. As you can see, I'm pushing some boundaries and really, really, really feeling great about it!

Of course I'm also just overwhelmingly grateful to have this beautiful kitchen, my mom, cat, and our escape from near disaster car crash to complain about, and I hope you and yours are safe and enjoying your kitchen sink wherever you are! :)


Tammy Hext said...

Wow you have had a trying 9 months. This new painting is like the break in the storm. It is fresh and full of good things to come - cannot wait to see it finished. (lovely kitchen by the way - I am still living with our pink bathroom and 70's kitchen)

Things That Inspire said...

I knew that you were thinking about a kitchen sink, based on your great interest in my kitchen posts...and it turned out beautifully! This actually makes me a little sad that I won't have a sink under a window in the new house - it just wasn't the optimal setup. I love the way the windows open to the outside.

The new 10x10 looks so promising!

GabrielMyCat said...

Jealous, I am!! Love the sink. Glad to hear you are back at it. Anxiously awaiting your next painting!!!!!!!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

remodeling...ugh... understandable absence. but that sink *sigh* love it. was surely worth all the trouble. love the new starts on the easels karen, looking forward to the finished paintings. love that you are working big. :]

Christine Bray said...

I am going to blame your kitchen sink on my not posting as many paintings this year. Your kitchen looks great and I now you are ready for the renovations to be over. I love those blue ribbons!

silvina said...

Every family has a scapegoat. I think choosing an inanimate object (sink) to blame your woes on is probably healthier than choosing an innocent relative who will then have to go through lots of therapy.

The blue ribbon on the left side of the little painting looks amazing! I know these next two works will be spectacular, Karen.

Excuse me, I have to go yell at my kitchen sink for keeping me from painting the last two months.

Leslie Saeta said...

Having been through three different remodels of my home, including the kitchen and EVERY bathroom, I get it. A kitchen sink is really the hub of the house and without one you have all the reason in the world to be inconsistent with your paintings. And postings. And everything else.
Now, the painting you are working on is stunning. Can I say that it looks like you just taped a real bow on the canvas ... I still can't figure out how you paint like that. Wow. Simply amazing ...

Pervaiz said...

I visit your blog first time. It is so nice and lovely. I like your idea of blog.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Tammy! I still have a fully pink bathroom too! :) floor, sink, and even commode. We'll probably be living with that for a while.

Thank you Holly, your kitchen posts were key in helping me find my sink! Not an easy decision, and all your posts about sinks lead me to 'the one' :)

Thank you so much GabrielMyCat! :) It is good to be getting back!

Thank you Christine!! I am in love with my sink, and I am really excited to be (hopefully) spending more time in front of the easel! LOVE working big too, thank you!

Christine you are killing me!! :) My sink is perfectly ready to accept this burden of yours too! :)

Silvina! ha ha ha ha You and Christine are making my day here! You can also use my sink for any blaming or yelling to spare your poor innocent sink. You are so right, blaming an inanimate object is much much better than a family member :) especially husbands!

Oh, Leslie, I am so sorry to hear you suffered three renovations! What patience you must have!! Thank you, thank you for kind kind compliment!

Welcome and thank you Pervaiz.

FCP said...

ohhhh...I love this start. The colors are my favorite--certainly worth the wait.
happy painting (and cooking or whatever you do to enjoy the new sink)

Kate Lewis said...

Love the sink and I really love your new paintings. Can't wait to see more!!!

Cristall Harper said...

That's awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only artist that gets in a funk sometimes. BTW, I love seeing the in-progress shots of the finished areas next to the charcoal sketch. Very cool.

Helen Read said...

Wow, what a year! Well, I love what you are doing with this - can't wait to see more....
Oh, and I love your kitchen sink! :)

r garriott said...

Life has a way of getting in the way, doesn't it? But the new kitchen looks great, and the painting is Fabulous...! Love the photos that show the scale.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh MY!
I'm so glad you made it safely through this detour through near disaster.
I also don't blame you one bit for getting that sink EXACTLY where you wanted it!! We sure spend enough time standing in front of the darn thing!

Last, but not least. The paintings are fabulous. The ribbon is SMASHINGLY painted.
Good for you!!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Karen,
So nice to catch up with you and read your blog. Congratulations on the fabulous show!!! Your recent paintings are wonderful, as always. Good for you for persisting with that kitchen sink. We went through a major kitchen remodel 3 years ago and what a mess, but it all turned out well. Remodels can be all absorbing. Yours looks great, enjoy the sink, your cat, your mom . . . !

Lyn said...

Love your concept! Gifts for all your fans.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Faye, blues are my favs too!

Thank you Kate!! I'm LOVIN my sink!!

Hi Cristall, thank you so much!! Your tulip paintings are soooooooo up my alley!! :)

Hi Helen! Thank you, yes it has been an interesting 10 months for sure :)

Thank you R! I'm having fun with these, AND my sink, yea water!

Mary you are SO right, we do spend enough time at our sinks, that is exactly what I tell everyone!! If it is possible, I spend as much time standing at my sink as my easel!

Hi Joan! LOVE your paintings in your latest post! Thank you so much for the renovation encouragement, I need it! :)

Hi Lyn, thank you for stopping by my blog!!

Linda Popple said...

Wow! It's all been said. Must be a beautiful kitchen by looking at the sink and that fabulous window.

It amazes me how you make a painting just come to life! I love your work!

Glad to hear all the mishaps are over and everyone is safe.

Linda Popple said...

Wow! It's all been said. Must be a beautiful kitchen by looking at the sink and that fabulous window.

It amazes me how you make a painting just come to life! I love your work!

Glad to hear all the mishaps are over and everyone is safe.

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