Monday, June 21, 2010

Sizing Up

I'm so sorry for the long delay in showing this finished painting, the bottom line is, I just couldn't come up with a title! Crazy I know.

This painting will be included in a book project of Steve Worthington's to help raise money for animal shelters. It was so much fun to include Steve's mouse in a painting, and I will keep everyone updated when the book is available.

This is the only present painting of mine where I have included another object, and the process was fun to share. It also caused me to contemplate exterior appearances in a new way. Does one only need a costume and cape to be a superhero? Or is it an interior state of mind? I know a pretty new cape always makes me feel invincible. :)

This painting is available, please contact if interested.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job! I love the humor in this one. It's the perfect message for raising money for animal shelters!

About capes; when my boys were little I used to tie kitchen towels around their necks so they could pretend to be caped super heroes. They "flew" around the kitchen making those boy flying sounds. I think that wearing a "cape" (or whatever our special occasion article of clothing is) enhances our ability to believe in what we could be. I have a few "capes" in my repertoire that are confidence boosters.

Karen Appleton said...

Aaah, how cute, I can just picture them now! I might try that today :)

Thanks Silvina!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Love it!
Thanks again Karen for immortalizing Nosey with such great style!

I wonder if there's a creped crusader who zips around dispensing tasty crepes to the deserving around the world?

The subject of a new Hollywood movie perhaps?
Perhaps not!

Karen Lynn said...

What a wonderful piece! Titling a painting can be a much tougher job than anyone would guess....

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Steve, if you find this creped crusader and his tasty treats please send to Chicago :)

Thank you Karen Lynn! You are right, and this was an unusually tough one for me. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tammy Hext said...

This turned out great Karen.
I know all my son needs is his imagination to become a superhero, but the cape makes him feel invincible too.

Karen Appleton said...

Tammy, your son does have a great imagination - as evident in your fabulous book!! :) Thanks for commenting!!

r garriott said...

So charming!!! The scale is marvelous, and the unspoken story makes me smile.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you so much R!! :)