Monday, May 21, 2007

Hanna's Day

I recently have been experimenting with iridescent oil paints after being inspired by another artist's work in iridescent pastels. Oh, how fun these paints are! I decided to give them a try on this painting I started, but never finished, about a year ago. I mixed silvers and golds in her hair, stars, moon, and dots throughout the landscape. I just love the effect and can't believe I've never considered using these paints before. They added just the element of sparkle and delight I wanted for this painting.


dfmastin said...

I think this painting rocks. My eyes keep moving around finding fun things to look at. I also like the textures. The colors are fabulous. There seems to be such a whimsical childish adventurous quality here. Fantastic work Karen!

Karen Appleton said...

Wow, thanks! Thanks for taking a look:)