Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Science of Vision :)

Okay okay I admit it, I'm a color nerd.  
I am ever so fascinated with how our brains perceive color.

Color is a lightwave, or some such other thing, 
(insert science here)
traveling to our eyes (rods and cones) and then interpreted by our brains into what we recognize as gray, silver, pink, etc. 

Color ONLY exists in our brains.
Furthermore, scientifically PINK does not exist at all!

isn't in the light spectrum,  
not a wavelength, 
and not in rainbows! 

 HERE and HERE. 
are links to the scientific explanations. 

So that means,
Vision is this curious created world in our heads!

AND for that matter
what might be traveling around out there in lightwaves that we can't see because our rods and cones aren't receptive enough?

Think about it this way-
we're told dogs can't see color.
 SO since dogs can't see color they can't see rainbows.
But that doesn't mean the rainbow isn't there. 

what can't we see?

Maybe ghosts, possibly fairies, definitely angels :D

Maybe dogs can't see color but can see awesome stuff we can't!
We see a rainbow - they see a band of angels in the sky!

Maybe it's close to Christmas and I'm full of joy and spirit(s)

I live in a hopeful world that blobs of color magically transform inside your rods and cones and you see silver beads ...

on a silver purse

In a Make-Believe world of pink that isn't there!

I'm hanging on to the original painting of "Pink" until I paint the larger version.

Archival Ink Reproductions of "Pink" are available
unframed for $40.00

Framed Reproductions for $130.00 + shipping
Click HERE for more info

  I hope your Holiday Season is starting off magical!
 Love, joy, peace, pink,
AND angels to you and yours!! :D


Jennifer said...

One of the many reasons I lahve you. :)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Karen, long time no see.
I love this post and this painting!
You're making me think about painting the "wedding purse" I have, which is similar to this one.
Pink doesn't exist?

Christine said...

Brilliant well put together! Such a rich painting with beautiful texture. I love your thoughts on "vision"

Linda Popple said...

One of my favorite posts - you are amazing. I now see color in a whole new way and appreciate the looks my dog, Maggie, gives me (are there angels surrounding me?). Pink will never be the same. Thank you!

Guenevere Schwien said...

Very cool painting and awesome post!

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you SO much for your wonderful comments!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate these!! You are all so talented and I am truly grateful!!!

Robyn said...

I love this! And I love pink! Can you tell me if you need to spray the charcoal drawing with a fixative before you paint in oil over the top of it?

nonnadani said...

Love this posts and your color vision!
Greetings from Italy