Monday, August 5, 2013

Color Color Color!

I'm organizing the supply list for my workshop
I don't use every color for every painting ...

just thought it might be fun/useful to see all the possible contenders 

It will be a "suggested" list
approximate colors are fine

But color is a biggie for me.


Things That Inspire said...

Gorgeous image! I remember going through a phase where I created massive color charts with all of my l paints. It was a way to really experience the alchemy of color - it's amazing to see some of the unexpected results when mixing two or three colors together.


Karen Appleton said...

Hi Holly!
That sounds soooooo cool! I would love to see pictures of your charts! I love how you phrased "Alchemy of color" too, that describes it so perfectly!!

Great hearing from you!

Kimberly Santini said...

Workshop? Did I hear you say YOUR workshop? details, please? and sorry if I missed the announcement...

:) Kim