Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Style Council


I've been very busy this month :)

my WEBSITE is finally up again since the demise of Mobile Me ...


 there you will find this painting and several others I'm excited to post next.

"Style Council" is 14" x 16"
made of varying sized smaller canvases

each section completed before moving on to the next

It was quite thrilling (and somehow freeing)

working this way

 watching each section develop

into a delicious assortment of colors

down to the very last

yummy drop :)

Several of my favorite artists use multiple canvases to create one larger image ...

David Hockney
Xenia Hausner
Jeff Cohen

names are linked, check them out :)


Christine said...


Takeyce Walter said...

Yes, you have been!!! Those luscious thick paint daubs makes me swoon!!! Love it!

Kate Lewis said...

Gorgeous, Karen!!! I can't wait to see this one in person!

The International Laundress! said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

So fab.u.lous! I love it!


Linda Popple said...

Love this! So interesting to just continue to look.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Christine!

I just can't get enough daubs of paint these days Takeyce :) Thank you for noticing!!

Kate, I can't wait for you to see too! I can't wait to see YOUR new BIG one!!

Hey Sarah!! Thank you and thanks for commenting!!

Mary, you are so kind! love the enthusiasm!! :) I appreciated it so much!

Linda that is such a great compliment!! Thank you!!