Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once Upon A Time, continued ...

When we last saw our Turquoise family, they were eagerly awaiting the arrival of "Fourth"
What the family didn't realize, was that this tale was about to repeat in the biggest way ....

not identical twins mind you, but fraternal, "Fourth" and "Fifth" 
both a whopping 48x48 

"Fourth" more closely resembling her older sister "Third," and "Fifth" the spitting image of his older brother "Second"

detail picture of "Fourth"

Close inspection of the twins reveals strong similarities though, especially in their voracious appetites - tube after tube of paint!

detail picture of "Fifth"

So ...
 as our twins continue to develop and I rush off for more paint, I am excited to share that "Neha"

was selected for a group show at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.  I am very honored to be included in the exhibit which opens this Friday night.

Click HERE for more details on the show and reception.

and stay tuned for the arrival of the twins!! :)


Marilyn Flanegan said...

Lush and magnificent at 48x48, Karen.
Congratulations your upcoming show - what a strong and diverse collection of work. Wishing you joy at your opening Friday!

Shelby Dillon said...

Wow, those 48x48 ones are awesome! I know how those big canvases just seem to suck all the paint out of your inventory, right?