Monday, January 9, 2012

December was a blur, welcome 2012!!

December was pet trauma month.

It began with Henry getting sick on the 15th.

We had to put our beloved cat D-con to sleep on the 19th.

It all coincided with a new chicken jerky treat they both ate.
Henry continued to get worse, in and out of the vet, until it was determined emergency surgery was necessary.

We can not be certain that the chicken jerky treats caused both D-con and Henry's sudden illness, but I have since learned that these treats, especially those made in China, have been reported as the cause of numerous illnesses and deaths in pets, so I thought I would pass along a caution to anyone out there who might have furry family members.  

new paintings to follow soon .... 

and finally the good news that "Clay" 

won "Best of Show" this past Friday night, at The Highland Park Art Center's annual competition. The show will be up for the month of January.  I am overjoyed to have received such an honor and a great start to 2012!

Thank you all for such a wonderful 2011, and a belated happy holidays and happy new year!


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

So sorry Karen for your loss and so happy to hear that Henry is recuperating. I read of these treats and can't believe it. What a month for you!
You should win best of show..........that is an aamazing portrait. You have such enormous talent! Happy New Year and a kiss to poor Henry (though I am sure he is in the best of hands). XO

Victoria said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Thank goodness you were able to do something in time to help Henry. I have vowed not to buy any jerky and through out the one I had.

Congratulations on the award for "Clay." It is well deserved for a wonderful painting.

Kim said...

Congratulations Karen!! I just this painting! Glad it was recognized!! Happy 2012!

MaryBeth said...

So sorry for your loss and the illness. Even though my dog never had any trouble with the chicken jerky I threw my jerky out immediately.
I hope a new blue present painting is coming soon.

Marilyn Flanegan said...

So sorry to hear of D-con, Karen. May you be comforted by the thought of Scottie having his playmate back. Wishing Henry a speedy recovery and YOU a well-deserved congratulations on your 'Best of Show' Clay.

Jennifer said...

Oh good, I'm so glad you won, and have a little bit of happiness after the craziness of the past month. I'm also really glad that Henry is doing OK. I'll trust that he's young and strong enough to come through it all.
I'm so sorry about D-Con.

Shelby Dillon said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your "furry kids." I'm glad Henry is on the mend. My pup is getting back surgery today, and had the Sunday emergency neuro consult, so I know how you feel about the crazy times and the cost... it hurts a lot, but they're our kids, right?

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you to everyone for your condolences and congrats. It is so very helpful to have your encouragement and support, it is amazing how just a simple note or comment from online friends lifts my spirit! Thank you all so much!

Kate Lewis said...

Wow, what month! I was so sorry to hear about D-Con and Henry. I am happy to see Henry recovering right under you as you paint. And, I notice that you painted your kitchen wall!!! I must see it- LOVE IT!

Lisa said...

Oh Karen I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet little D-Con. It's so hard to put an animal to sleep. My goodness what a scare this all had to be. Thank you for sharing what you think may have been the cause. We should take note. So glad your boy made it through!
Speaking of....congratulations on your wonderful showing!
A beautiful painting and such a handsome subject!
xo Lisa

Bunny said...

Dayum, cuz, this portrait is A. Maze. Ing! Your art has matured into something wonderful! One of these days, I'd love to commission a portrait of Mom and me. Together.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Bunny!!! That means so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to look through my blog!