Tuesday, October 11, 2011



My new favorite!!  And greatly inspired by my studio assistant.

Everyday when working in the studio, Henry lets me know when it is time for his walk....

(My studio keeps getting smaller!!  What is up with that???)

Our favorite neighborhood corner to stop and sniff and take in the beauty...

an abundance of zinnias... with their oranges and pinks and touches of yellow make our day.  

This abundance of blooms inspired the flower patterned ribbon I used for August's linocut.

But when it came time to capture the colors of the zinnias, the floral ribbon just wasn't vibrant enough. 

So I returned one of my favorite hand-dyed silk ribbons I used in the 2007 painting "Flame."  

"Flame" is a rare painting for me because the wrapping paper is something other than white. 

While "Flame" was inspired by the extreme heat of a 2007 visit to my mom's in Alabama, 2011's orange needed touches of the exaggerated pinks and purples of the zinnias.

I don't know my neighbor who tends this corner that brightens my day, I wish I did so I could thank them.  Sometimes I question why I paint and wonder if there isn't something more important I could do.  August reminds me something as simple as planting a seed is sometimes enough.    

But that is for another day, for now someone's ready for his walk :)

"August" has sold, but see All Available Paintings on my newly undated website.


Kim said...

Great post Karen. I just love your ribbons and gifts ; ) Awesome paintings.

Marilyn said...

I so look forward to hearing and seeing the many wonderful inspirations of your paintings and prints, Karen. pure joy!

Jennifer said...

Your pooch has gotten huge! He no longer looks like the twin of my much smaller black and white dog. :)

Also, love the zinnias. It looks like what I see when I look out my kitchen window. They're just a happy, happy flower... and they attract so many lovely birds and butterflies!

Jennifer said...

Also, I want to see the painting that has been inspired by the Barbie and the package to the right.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you so much Kim! I had such a great time checking out your blog today!! Really amazing paintings!

And speaking of blogs, Marilyn your paintings and drawings are always an inspiration! LOVE your chocolate kiss paintings!!

Jennifer!!!! You crack me up as always! I should figure YOU would notice my barbie set up!!! :D Maybe next post ..... :)

Kate Lewis said...

karen, this is such a great post. i love the bright color and especially like seeing your studio. henry, the assistant is doing a fab job!

ps love your haircut :)

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. Don't ever question why you create such beauty. I wonder, does it always come easy to you?
I ask because today was the first day in a loooong time where I found the time to paint and "it" didn't come so easy.
Don't really know why or where "it" went. Hope I find "it" soon!
xo Lisa

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Lisa,
So great to read your comments and have you drop by my blog. It does NOT always come easy, and I often struggle, I just don't post the paintings that never make the grade. It is usually hard to jump back in after a long break. Patience and just continuing to put paint on the canvas gets me back in the groove. Keep at "it" :)
Please let me know if I can help at all!!