Sunday, July 31, 2011

July - painting

It took two tries to get this painting the way I thought July should feel.  
My first attempt was a sad striped bow.
 Terribly dreary little thing that I carefully painted, and re-painted, and re-painted all the stripes until the painting itself just flopped off the deep-end.   

So a new canvas, a deep breath, and a fresh start turned up this deliciously bold turquoise bow :) I wish the photo were better, the background has touches of pale yellow and the variety of blues, grays, and purples is much greater than in the photo.  Sigh.

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Audrey Hackman said...

Karen, I love your thick paint application, and of course, the color is gorgeous. Are you painting wet into wet?

Poet Whale said...
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Poet Whale said...

Lovely July!

Posting a correction...the free photo editing program is Irfanview.
Color adjusting so far has been rewarding using that program (better than my old Adobe program).

Kate Lewis said...

it's simply lovely, karen. i really like your thick brushes of paint and your splashes of orange!!!

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Audrey! A lot of it is wet into wet, but I also really love to put a blob of paint down and the next day it is slightly stiffer or stickier, and work back into that sticky paint. This is really great for building up a thick area. Like on the right facing white of the package you can see the slightly warmer gray first layer, then the next day I applied that cooler gray right on top without the two blending. :) Thanks for your questions!

Thank you for the tip Poet Whale!! I will definitely check out Irfanview!!

Hey Kate! Thank you, I'm so happy with this little painting! :) Much better than the sad little stripped one you saw!

Marlo said...

I really like July...I love all your paintings!

Mary Anne said...

I originally saw your work on another blogspot called A GIFT WRAPPED LIFE (or I think that was where I saw it.)

So happy to discover that you have your own blogspot and I look forward to visiting it often. I absolutely love your paintings, you are just so talented!

Mary Anne

Karen Appleton said...

Marlo you are too kind!!! Thank you!!

Hi Mary Anne, and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by for a visit and thank you for your wonderful compliments!!

Ruth Andre said...

Love your blog and your paintings.

Shelley Whiting said...

I love your use of impasto. The paint looks thick and creamy. Beautiful work.

Karen Appleton said...

Hi Ruth and Shelley! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind compliments!! Always greatly appreciated!!