Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girl Power

"Girl Power" 18x36 oil on canvas

Who would think that adopting a 5 month old great dane puppy would make it so difficult to stay in the studio and work?! :)  

No fear at ALL of him bumping into my precariously stacked bow set up!!
But at last "Girl Power" is finished, whew!

 My initial idea for this painting was based on the idea of how to SAY girl power, and it started like this.

A comic wrapped present with Lucy at bat.  But seeing it sketched on the canvas, it didn't SAY girl power to me.  Yes, the comic did, but the overall bow ensemble and painting didn't. 

So I gravitated to an over-the-top girl color scheme and arrangement of bows in a strong tower.

When I began this painting I was feeling particularly strong and girl powerful, but during the four months this painting lingering on, I suppose some of my powerfulness evaporated.  Suddenly lots of negative space between the bows started happening. 

 As if this strong, securely built girl power facade could come toppling down any minute.

  Strong and secure one minute, then potentially fragile the next. 
Maybe that's not all bad.

A special thanks to all who have participated in the Present And Accounted For project!  It has been so thrilling to see these presents passed along and the idea behind the project spread!!  Thank you!


Lisa said...

Love,love,love this! Every bit of this painting is incredible & yummy enough to eat!

TTI said...

What a spectacular painting, Karen!

I am still amazed at your puppy. How is he doing?

Fay Terry said...

Congratulations on completing this gorgeous and powerful painting. I am so glad you showed some photos of the WIP!
As for your wonderful puppy-no doubt a great contributor to your success.

Cathy said...

Enjoyed looking at a glimpse of the process. Wow! Your last comment was very profound (it is so true) ... thank you.

Karen Appleton said...

Hi LIsa! Thank you!! Love the "yummy" compliment, I always try to push paintings into that thick edible feeling!!!

Thank you so much! Puppy's middle name is Destruction at the moment :)

Fay, yes, no doubt I have a new perspective on painting now :)

Hi Cathy, and thank you for your comment and understanding!!

Kate Lewis said...

It's beautiful! I love how you embraced pink in this painting. So feminine and strong!!!!!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Now THAT'S a bow! And I love your doggie. Beautiful painting.

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Kate and Laurel! I'm loving pink these days! :) And the bigger the better, bows and dogs! :D

Anonymous said...

Impressive, strong, delicate, pink, powerful...where do I stop? Great painting.

cmv... said...

what i love about your paintings is that you don't search for crazy ways/subjects to represent what you want to say, you use what you love to convey it. truly beautiful. great painting. go girl power!

Poet Whale said...

If I ever married again, then that would be my cake.

Beautiful painting with lots of unexpected power!

Mimi said...

What an exquisite and joyful painting. This would be the perfect picture for me. If only I had a room of my own.

Ann Nyberg said...

This painting is absolutely scrumptious!

classic • casual • home said...

Gorgeous! Over here from A Gift Wrapped Life. You are so talented!

vicki archer said...

Fantastic.....and totally gorgeous...xv

Karen Appleton said...

Hi Tracy, thank you so much for the compliments!! I greatly appreciate it!

Hi Poet Whale, thank you and welcome to my blog! I just love food association comments, what an idea for a cake!!

Thank you Mimi and I am so sorry you don't have a room of your own!! If you get one let me know! :)

Thank you for your wonderful compliment Ann! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Thank you for stopping by Classic*Casual*Home I am so appreciative of Sande at Gift Wrapped Life!! Thank you for commenting and your compliments!

Vicki you are too kind! Thank you!!

'LUSH' said...

Something as simple as a wrapped gift makes us all exited! I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Art Coaches said...

Damn awesome article. Great to see you guys back again!