Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let it snow

I have been painting presents over six years now, pondering ideas about what we can see (what is visible to us in our lives and world), and what remains unseen and unknown.  After Wednesday's blizzard and now the digging out, I've been thinking a lot about a photographer  Wilson Bently whose photographs always inspire me.  

In 1885, using a microscope and a camera, he captured the amazing unseen detail of snowflakes. 

 Over 5000 photographs exist, showing us that each snowflake is unique. 

 So much hidden beauty existing for just a brief moment. 

Are these magnificent works of art created just for the joy of creation?  
Is creation limitless?

I have a copy of one of Bently's photographs in my studio.  It reminds me that there will always be an abundance of beauty in the world just waiting to be discovered. 

And now, back to shoveling out my driveway which is abundantly covered with tiny unseen works of art.


weekend et coup de brosse said...

Ce sont de magnifiques photos effectivement, la tempĂȘte de neige vous a inspirĂ©!

Kim said...

Yes! Thank you for sharing Karen. We have the children's book about him. Do you know it? Fantastic! We're fans ; )

Marlo said...

Beautiful! I have never seen some of these snowflakes shapes before and now I'm wondering...are you going to paint one? :)

You have such a good eye for seeing the beauty in things we see every day and take for granted.

silvina said...

Karen, snowflakes are fascinating. I'm amazed that they are all so symmetrical.

I'm off to paint at the beach today. It's clear and in the 70's here. I'm sure sand isn't as beautiful under a microscope as a snowflake is though.

Karen Appleton said...

Yes, weekend et coup! The blizzard has inspired! Thank you!

Kim, I did not know about the children's book, how wonderful! I will look into it for my nephew! Thank you!

Marlo :) Don't they look like bows!? I think so too!! You can bet more silver and white bows will be on the way with as much snow as we've had :) I am very touched by your comment too! Thank you!

Silvina, I've missed your posting!! I hope you post some fabulous sand images soon!!! And I want to see these paintings you are doing at the beach!! 70 degrees ... NOT FAIR :) 10 degrees here today!!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful way to think of that driveway. :)

This struck a particular chord today:

I have been painting presents over six years now, pondering ideas about what we can see (what is visible to us in our lives and world), and what remains unseen and unknown.

I was just discussing with someone that you cannot blog for a certain length of time and not be aware of certain patterns. I was thinking of it as a slow opening of oneself. We think we know what we are, who we are, but there's always something to discover... most of it good... like the present you didn't know you wanted until you got it.

And yes, I fully believe creation is limitless. If we can keep asking, we can keep discovering. :)

Karen Appleton said...

Oh Jennifer, what a wonderful comment. Yes, how true. A blog is a journey isn't it. It really helps me think though ideas a little better and discover inspirations along the way.

"Keep asking" yes indeed! Love it!
Thank you Jennifer!

Slavica at Seductively French said...

it is hard to believe these are even real. it's wonderful! -Slavica

Karen Appleton said...

I know, aren't they incredible! Thank you Slavica for commenting!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

they are incredible. To think that each flake has this kind of beauty is incredible. Makes you not hate snow so much....well maybe not ;)
Are you going to post photos of the new 'baby' :D

Karen Appleton said...

Their beauty is amazing isn't Mary! Okay okay.... you've prompted me :)