Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Show Pics

It has been a crazy, constant flurry of activity since the four of us began to install our artwork for the show. The four being, me, Joanne Aono, Kate Lewis, and Neha Vedpathak. There are so many pics to show and so much to talk about, I decided I better make several posts. So I'm starting right before the show opened with a look at my portion of the show. More pics soon of the entire show, how it all came about, and the excitement we all had for our large turn out!

This is the entrance, with a pile of white bows to hint at what's to come.

The view as you enter and see the main wall. Now you can see where all those 400 pink bows were going!

Opposite wall with smaller paintings grouped together. From left to right are, "Cream Soda" 8x8, "Melt" 10x10, and "Cherry Bomb" 8x8.
"Joy to the World" 14x18
"Sugarcoat" 20x20, the long awaited painting is finally finished! I wish I had gotten a better picture before the show, but I literally put the last strokes of paint on only days before I installed. The variety of grays, blues, and pale violets are not showing in the photo. This painting has areas of thin and layered paint, especially in the paper sections, and super thick juicy paint in the loops of the bows. I am so extremely happy with this painting!!
Sorry for the glare here too, same story, finished in the nick of time. This painting actually has wonderful movement in the background that the photo doesn't show. There are small marks of turquoise, pale blue, and magenta that radiate out around the bow. The title is "POW" (a reference to pop art comic paintings) and it is 36x36 and in person this painting glows like it's on fire :)
And my excitement overflows for this piece "O+"

More to come!


Kim said...

Love, LOVE this!! It looks great - you must be thrilled! Wow. Your pieces are so original - very cool.

Lisa Daria said...

What a way to set up a show - this will have great impact - have fun!

Lara Harris said...

Wow! It's amazing what a statement you are able to create with something so simple...your work just draws you right in! LOVE your brushwork!

Tammy Hext said...

Karen - what an amazing show. I so wish I could see it in person. POW - absolutely stunning, and I am sure even more breathtaking in person.

Deltra Powney said...

POW - Great title. And if I had to use one word to sum up your work that would be it! What a celebration of color, shape and texture. Having the installations pieces with the paintings just makes the whole show. I look forward to more on this show!

silvina said...

SENSATIONAL! What a gorgeous presentation. "Pow" just radiates light on that dark wall. And "Sugarcoat" is just beautiful, the title makes me stop and ponder possible scenarios. With that bleeding heart you've taken your metaphors to a whole new plane. What a STRONG show!

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you so much Kim, Lisa, Lara, Tammy, Deltra, and Silvina!!! Your comments mean the world to me, this has been such a crazy show to put together, and reading your positive reactions makes my day!!

Thank you!

Karen Lynn said...

What a wonderful show! Beautiful paintings! Congratulations - and I wish you all the best with it!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This is wonderful!!
What a great lead in to the paintings of ribbons. Your work is slammin'!

Andy said...

Just found your website and I really like your work. Are you selling "Pow"? How much are you asking for it?