Friday, February 26, 2010

My podcast about our trip to New York

I had SUCH an incredible trip and saw SO much art that I decided it would make too long of a post, way to many photos and way way too much to read. So on a whim, I decided to try my hand at making a podcast.

Of course I've never done this before and had no idea what I was doing, which is why it has taken me a week to update about my trip. I had the best time figuring out how to make it though! What a blast! My husband really got into the project too, actually going out and getting me this fancy microphone! Isn't it cute!
The podcast is on my website which you can see here. There are over 70 images to see, plus all the galleries and their websites are on this page too. I hope you enjoy it!


Liza Hirst said...

THANK YOU!!! Karen, listening to your podcast and seeing all the fantastic, inspiring art you presented absolutely made my day!
I am so envious of your trip but so happy that you let us take part in it this way. Living in deep France, at the end of the world, this is exactly the kind of inspiration I miss and need so much. Thank you!
(And it was nice to hear your voice!)

Karen Appleton said...

Ohhh thank you so much Liza!!! I'm so glad you liked it, I felt like I saw toooo much great art not to share as much as possible:)

I was really very very lucky to be able to take this trip with my friends. It was incredibly inspiring. Next on my list just must be France though!! You should do a podcast from France!!!

I usually get a bit of teasing about my accent, so I was a bit nervous about that :)

silvina said...

Karen!!! Love your podcast! You sound like a seasoned pro. I felt like I was watching a PBS documentary only more entertaining. I'm going to watch it again.

I have an artist girlfriend who is taking a trip to N.Y. soon, I'm going to recommend she watch your podcast before she goes.

As always, I think your accent is super charming.

Karen Appleton said...

Silvina you should go with her!!! :) Thank you so much, you are too kind, hummm, maybe I'll give PBS a call ;D

Linda said...

Thank you!!! This was such a treat! Your photographs are great and love your comments. Very inspiring! I'm going to NYC this summer and this has made me super excited! Can't wait!! :-)

Karen Appleton said...

Oh I'm so glad Linda! Have fun this summer, what a perfect time to go!

wilson said...


That was great! What was the name again of the artist who did the landscapes and interior room with the milk jug? I want to look him up, but what I heard, I can't find (kurt solinson?)

What a great trip!

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Jeanie!
Wasn't that a great painting! His name is Kurt Solmssen, his show was at the Geroge Billis gallery. Here is a link to the artist's page on the gallery's site:
and a direct link to a pic of that particular painting:
Thanks Jeanie!!

Karen Appleton said...

That link didn't totally post for some reason, so here is another link to the artist's website.

Hope that helps!