Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and trip to New York

"I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." ~ Vincent Van Gogh

I am going with two of my friends, Kate Lewis and Joanne Aono, to New York for an all out art spree. We've made a map, plotted our course, and are attempting to check out as many galleries, museums, and vegetarian eateries as possible. We leave tomorrow and only have a couple of days to manage the 21 art spots on our map, an artist lecture Tuesday night, plus the 15 possible places we've picked out to eat.

I am just so excited I can barely stand it!! If you have any suggestions for must sees or eat, please leave a comment, which I can check while on the road!

Also take a look at Kate's website here and blog here, and Joanne's website here.

Hope this day and everyday your heart is full!


Kate Lewis said...

I can't wait! See you very soon!!!

Von said...

If you like hummus, try- - I'm a student at the Art Student's League, but I live in New Jersey, I don't know NYC too well (and I'm not a vegetarian)

But I've been to Hummus Place- great food/prices,lots of locals and students.. and several locations in the city.

Love your work btw!:) Enjoy the trip!

Tammy Hext said...

Hi Karen, I have awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award. Drop by my blog to accept it.
I love this pristine heart - gorgeous. I am also to jealous of your New York Art Trip - have fun!

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion Von!! We will add it to our map, I love hummus! I'm so glad to discover your blog too, your last post is an amazing drawing!! And I love the painting of the potato.

Thank you so much Tammy for the Sunshine Award, you are too kind. Too much excitement for me today :)

Kate see you there!!!! I'm in the airport now!!!

Liza Hirst said...

Enjoy! I wish you a fantastic time and am soo envious!

Karen Appleton said...

Thank you Liza! It's amazing!!

-Don said...

I'm jealous. But, your snowy heart helped make me feel better. =)

Wow! good luck with hitting all those spots in two days. I'm afraid I'd get into the MOMA and would never make it to the next spot.



Von said...

Thank you too Karen, for your great comments:) (That beautiful drawing is not mine though, it's from a friend, Sarah Quinter. I think its great too:)

Your snow heart here is lovely, btw. I keep coming back here to look at it! :)

Cristall said...

I love your work. I've given your blog the Sunshine Award. Click on my blog to accept it.

Alia El-Bermani said...

so it's definitely not vegetarian, but the best French restaurant we've found in NYC is Cafe Un Deux Trois (I think it's on 44th?) in the Theatre district. Have a GREAT time.

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks Don, it has been an action packed trip, and still half a day tomorrow to go! I can't wait to post about it when I get back.

Oh no Von, I'm so sorry for the mistake. The weather today has been terrible, but we saw some amazing art which more than made up for it!! :)

Christall thank you thank you, I'm very honored!

Hey Alia we actually popped in a French cafe today and I can't remember the name right now. I got a delicious BOWL of Latte and a fruit crepe!

Tracey Mardon said...

Have a wonderful time Karen! I would have suggested the Hispanic Museum in Harlem but it's closed for renos Jan and Feb. Good reason to go back though.
I just came back from a few days in Vanc over the Olympics and the city is just buzzing. A good exhibit at the VAG (free) of DaVinci's anatomical drawings. They belong to the Queen so hardly ever seen. Amazing!

wilson said...

How fun!! I am so jealous, but in a good way! If you want an adventure into Brooklyn, go to Di Fara's Pizza! Awesome! Also, for sure get a cupcake at Magnolia...then paint it!

Your paintings make me smile in my living room!!

Have fun!

Jeanie (Wilson is my son)

Karen Appleton said...

Tracey the museum sounds wonderful, so much to see in this great city.

Jeanie, thank you so much for your compliment! Thank you too for your suggestion!!