Friday, April 17, 2009

Passion for Painting

Thank you to Sara Winters, who tagged me for the Passion for Painting award.  I am honored!  Sara's paintings are flooded with light and clear color, and her execution of reflected water with unblended brushwork seems fresh and new.  Take the time to enlarge her paintings to see the abstract quality to work. 

Here is how it goes, name 7 things I love, and 7 other artists whose blogs I follow.

Seven things I love:
1. God
2. My husband, Clay
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Paint
6. Sunshine, fresh air, 80 degree flip-flop wearing day.
7. Snow, 25 degree boots/scarf/hat wearing day.

I follow many many blogs, which makes this difficult.  I decided to name blogs that contain discussion, advice, observations, and information, that help us grow as artists.  From step by step PhotoShop advice, to gallery solicitation advice, to serious discussions about being an artist.  Hope you enjoy.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

bravo, congrats on the award and thank you in return. :)

Alia El-Bermani said...

Wow Karen, I'm sorry I'm just seeing this now (I've been dealing with a computer virus, no blogging, no hoo). Thanks for including me on your list! That is really flattering! Love the new work and the new site is PERFECT (especially the little apple icon, Ms. Appleton).

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Christine and Alia, glad to pass your fantastic blogs along. Participate ONLY if you care to.

I am so sorry about your computer virus Alia, hope it all gets worked out! Thank you too, for checking out my site! That is hilarious about the icon :)