Wednesday, December 19, 2007



I was drawn to the cool silver color of this satin bow because of the snow and ice in my world right now and probably here until June! The ice and snow is amazingly beautiful and I wonder if I will ever get tired of seeing it. This is only my second winter here in Chicago and being a newbe every falling snowflake, glazing of ice and even the slush is wonderfully gorgeous! It is definitely worth getting a little cold to be lucky enough to see these beautiful sights.

The thick silver paint dripping over the edges of the warmer cream tissue, what else could it be but the draping of icicles after a great winter storm? So, If you are lucky enough to have a winter, bundle up and go take in the show!


Karen Appleton said...

Oh so sorry to have had to post this twice, I am not sure why the first post didn't enlarge, but thank you Kathy and Silvina for letting me know.

Christine Bray said...

This painting is one of my favorites. I love the colors and the lush brushstrokes!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent silver! You really nailed the temp. And the amount of paint! This canvas must way three tubes worth!
Thanks for making it enlarge-able. : )

Jennifer said...

That is gorgeous.

As for Chicago winters, they are wonderful and have not been wintry enough in recent years so this one is really nice. Come March though, I'm ready to pack them away for another year.

indiaartist said...

Your paintings are like christmus gifts all round the year. This one is particulerly silvery, snowy. Merry Chistmus and happy new year.

Helen Read said...

Lovely, Karen. It makes me look at winter a little more graciously! :)

Karen Appleton said...

Oh my how time flies around this time of year!

Thank you Christine, the brushstrokes were soooo much fun,
and yes Silvina at LEAST three tubes are piled on there!! :)

Yeah Jennifer, I am so glad to see you've got a blogging account now and you actually are right about March.

Hello Indiaartist, thank you for visiting and a very Merry Christmas and New Year to you too!

Helen, thanks for visiting and I somehow imagine you already see winter perfectly! :)

Thanks to all and Happy New year!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just popped in here through Karin Jurick's blog. I've recently taken up the ribbon theme and admire your paintings of the silver ribbon.
I'm also enjoying what is turning out to be a snowy winter here in the Boston area.

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks Mary for checking out my blog!