Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thumbnail sketches

Oh my gosh! How gorgeous is this vintage plum velvet!?! Okay so I've had purple on my mind as of late, likely caused by a collision of many ideas and sources streaming in all at once showing me purple. I so wanted my next painting to contain several presents in the same composition. I played around with several presents trying to figure out a theme or idea. But this guy just seemed soooo very demanding, so right now he's got all my attention.

I've been starting these demo posts by showing the set up and beginning oil sketch, but I realized that is leaving out a bunch of steps. First step for me is inspiration, and I see it everywhere. I have ten paintings being painted in my head all the time, so I keep a personal journal where I keep these thoughts. Then suddenly one idea, thought, color, feeling singles itself out and wham.... purple velvet. Next are these tiny thumbnail sketches where I play around with composition and see which format will best suit what I'm trying to say. The top two sketches I envisioned as another split painting. I like the middle idea, and may come back to it, but have settled on the bottom right hand corner composition. Hope this hasn't been too boring.


Roxanne Steed said...

Hi Karen! thanks for visiting my blog & the comments. This plum velvet is going to be lush! I'm waiting with great anticipation to see the process/progress of it - heck- the whole thing a to z! That is the magical thing I love about painting....from beginning to end - a thing of great beauty that gets created with pigments on a surface ground. Every time I see one of your small paintings of gifts - each one takes my breath away.

Karen Appleton said...

Oh you are too kind Roxanne, thank you. I really liked reading the quote of the gallery owner on your blog and his ideas about what made for a great painting. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thumbnails are essential but no one told me about word associations! How cool! How did you arrive at Aquarius? (my sign)

Karen Appleton said...

Oh no Silvina, I wish this was a list of some really cool word association thing, Aquarius is just the name of one of my paintings. I didn't really think about this being big enough to read. You know, part of that personal journal thing, oops!