Saturday, September 8, 2007


Somehow, some way, this painting decided to change course. The present just no longer looked as if it wanted to wave and flap about, suddenly and wonderfully it just seemed still. I suppose sometimes on some days you desperately want to flutter about, and sometimes on some days
you are willing to spread your wings and simply wait - content.


Anonymous said...

What a gem!
I wonder if the green tones are what give it a calmer feeling. Or maybe it's the space above the bow. It actually feels more grounded rather than looking like it wants to take flight.

Patience yes, but with energy.
Love it. You're still the Queen.

Karen Appleton said...

Hey Silvina, It felt more grounded to me too! I think your observations are spot on for the calming effect. Also,I actually added tiny subtle complimentary oranges and pinks right next to the bow and right on top of the tissue, at first thinking it would energize the flying feeling, but I think this soften it instead. Thanks for looking Sil!

Helen Read said...

How nice! The colors and the sense of texture ... well - all of it just works!

Karen Appleton said...

Thanks Helen!

Anonymous said...

nice edgework and treatment of the lines on the ribbons. i love this piece.