Friday, August 31, 2007

"Sprite" in process

As could be expected after looking intensely at orange for so long, I've been craving blue. This tiny blue glitter bow was just the what the doctor ordered! I do love a stick on bow, maybe not as glamorous and elegant as the silk, satin, and velvet varieties, but boy are they loads of fun! And that's just how I wanted to feel today... cute and fun.
I'll be able to post the finished painting tomorrow, it is too dark now to get a good picture, but I could not wait to share my joy filled day!


Anonymous said...

Karen, I thought you were kidding when you said stick-on bow. I love this! You are the queen of the bows. What a cool niche you've created.

Karen Appleton said...

Oh no Silvina, bows can be ruled by no one, I am only their quardian:) .... but you have given me a great idea...uhmmm... I must check on my supply of purple bows.