Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day Four Close Up

Okay, I am a slow painter, never could be rushed to do anything. I really just love to paint, and actually just love paint. I enjoy trying to push or sculpt the paint as thick as I can while still keeping the image representational. I really almost try to will the image off the canvas, and that takes time. This subject has been a challenge because I do not use tube blacks, but prefer to mix my own. The subtlety of the sheer black has been a true test.


Debbie Miller said...

the transparency of the panties ..especially on the ribbon side is really well done. and speaking of ribbons...NICE

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I followed your link over from Carol Marine's blog. I really enjoy watching other artist's process. Thanks for sharing this. You've really captured the delicate quality of these panties.

BTW, really like that veronese green mug! That's one of my favorite greens too. Any sort of jade-y green is fabulous.